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The area, the most remote from the center and called the industrial suburb of Dubai, began to grow from a modest fishing village back in the 70s. Next, you can watch a video about the implementation of the Palm Jebel Ali Island project planned for 2030:

Until now, the district project has not been fully implemented - it is planned to build shopping, business, public, and entertainment complexes.

Today, here is the largest and most visited seaport in the world, capable of receiving ships with a carrying capacity of more than half a million tons. The artificial harbor is adorned by a huge archipelago of artificial islands Palm Jebel Ali, planned as the best place for a beach holiday in the world with the most modern and developed infrastructure. Further in the article we will talk about the history of this community, attractions, hotels and real estate for investment in 2023.

Jebel Ali district in Dubai

Jabal Ali is a real treasure located on the southern outskirts of Dubai. It is best known for its seaport located here, the largest in the Middle East. Over the past 24 years, experts have ranked it among the best in the region. It links the United Arab Emirates with 150 ports around the world. More than 80 ships come here every week. In addition, this is a great resort place. JA Resort is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. This 5-star, located on the seashore, the complex consists of three hotels with a total area of 1 million square meters. m. South of Jabal Ali is the largest entertainment district in the Middle East - 3 theme parks and one water. 2 km of roller coasters, more than a hundred attractions for the whole family. This is a paradise for thrill seekers. 

And for people who think high, there are numerous liturgical buildings of various denominations, including Christian churches. They are built on land specially provided for this purpose by the emirs of Dubai. You can satisfy your hunger in restaurants located in the park, created in the post-apocalyptic style of the Mad Max movie. Read about all this further, right after we talk about the location of the neighborhood.

Jebel Ali area location

LandmarkDistanceTravel Time
Dubai Airport47 km36 min
Airport Al-Maktum21 km22 min
Kite Beach32 km30 min
Palm Jumeirah23 km22 min
Dubai Marina16 km20 min
Dubai Mall36 km32 min
Burj Khalifa35 km31 min

The JA Neighborhood is located in the western part of Dubai City and covers an area of 41.1 km2, which is almost 5 times the size of the large Jumeirah area. Jebel Ali is conditionally divided into several zones: an archipelago with islands in the form of a palm tree, a port part and an industrial part. The community has a red metro line with a UAE Exchange stop, which can be reached from the center - Downtown Jebel Ali, by car in 13 minutes. The distance to the city center is 40 kilometers, to the international airport - 45 kilometers.

Jebel ali on the Dubai map:

Use the zoom buttons "+" and "-" to see places of interest, hotels, buildings and other objects on the map. As you can see, there is no metro station here, however, there is an EXPO station on the outskirts of the neighborhood, from where you can get to anywhere in Dubai.

Hotels in Jebel Ali

The region does not have a wide variety of hotels, but despite this, you can find where to stay for a tourist with any budget. True, it is better to start searching and booking hotels in advance, 2 weeks or a month in advance. Otherwise, the best options at a bargain price are sold out. Next, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the price and rating of hotels in Jebel Ali:

Price in AEDStarsReview
Ja Lake View
54054.3 (629)
108044.1 (581)
ZiQoo Hotel Apartments
17544.0 (895)
Rove At The Park
14034.8 (5,341)
14513.3 (953)

Note: Prices are for 1 night stay for two persons.

We recommend taking a closer look at two popular premium hotels: Jebel Ali Palm Tree Court & Spa with its own 800-meter long beach and JA Lake View Hotel, a 10-12 minute walk from the sea. Each one has a spacious green neighborhood, with modest apartments and luxurious rooms, with its own restaurants, a sports club, a stable, a golf course, a marina and much more.

Other, cheaper hotels in the Jebel Ali community with the best range of services and amenities can be booked from USD 40 / AED 145 for a double room for 1 night. Double room in an inexpensive hotel for 1 night - from USD 92 / AED 340. Important: 15-25% service fees are added to the base price, and a tax for each day is 20 dirhams. The final price will appear in the booking card. Prices are valid for accommodation in Jebel Ali in the low season - for the summer.

Things to do in Jebel Ali

Most of the attractions are of an entertainment type and are located on the territory of hotel complexes. What else is interesting in the Jebel Ali:

  1. 1. Ibn Battuta Mall - is the only themed shopping center in the world in which all the premises are stylized as the countries visited by the Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta;
  2. 2. Dubai Park and Resorts - is a huge entertainment complex with more than 100 attractions for children and adults;
  3. 3. Jebel Ali Golf Resort - If you're a golf enthusiast, you can tee off at the renowned Jebel Ali Golf Resort. The course offers a challenging yet scenic setting for golfers of all skill levels;

Jebel Ali Golf Resort in Dubai

  1. 4. Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary - Nature lovers can explore the Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary, a protected area that provides a habitat for various bird species and marine life. You might spot flamingos, herons, and other migratory birds;
  2. 5. Jebel Ali Beach - Relax and unwind at Jebel Ali Beach, which offers a serene environment with white sands and clear waters. It's a great place to sunbathe, swim, or enjoy water sports.

We recommend booking an individual tour "Helicopter flight over Dubai". A dizzying route in the sky will pass through the entire city. You will also fly over artificial islands: Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. The last of which is not yet built up with real estate.

Jebel Ali Real Estate

A variety of properties in the region attract not only the population of Dubai, but also the neighboring United Arab Emirates. The district offers a wide range of residential and commercial properties, attracting both local residents and foreign investors. Jebel Ali offers a variety of property options ranging from luxury villas and high end apartments to modern commercial buildings. The community is renowned for its spacious layout and modern infrastructure, making it a desirable place to live and do business. The following types of real estate are available in the assortment: villas, apartments, penthouses, townhouses and commercial real estate.Dubai property by Azizi developer in Jebel Ali

Azizi Aura Tower in Jebel Ali.

In addition, Jebel Ali is close to many key locations and business communities, making it an ideal location for families and entrepreneurs. Companies often provide housing for their employees in the area, which further fuels the demand for property rentals and purchases.

Property prices in Jebel Ali

The cost of real estate in the neighborhood is reduced, which is a good opportunity to start investing in residential properties. For example, a 1 bedroom apartment in Suburbia Tower 2, Downtown Jebel Ali costs $177 000 / AED 650 000 with a total area of 95 square meters. Based on these prices, the minimum cost per square meter is $1 200 / AED 4 400. Higher prices are represented by Retail at Alexis Tower - $ 590 000 / AED 2 160 000 for 58 m2.

Price list for real estate in Jebel ali district and Palm area you can find in the property catalog on our website:

Jebel Ali real estate

🎁 Interest-free installment for 5 years

 Below, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of average prices for various types of property:

1. Apartments:

  • Studios: from 400 000 AED to 700 000 AED
  • 1-bedroom apartments: from 600 000 AED to 1 000 000 AED
  • 2-bedroom apartments: from 900 000 AED to 1 500 000 AED
  • 3-bedroom apartments: from 1 500 000 AED to 2 500 000 AED

2. Villas:

  • 3-bedroom villas: from 1 500 000 AED to 2 500 000 AED
  • 4-bedroom villas: from 2 000 000 AED to 3 500 000 AED
  • 5-bedroom villas: from 2 500 000 AED to 4 500 000 AED

3. Commercial real estate:

  • Office space: from AED 1000 per square meter per year
  • Retail stores: from AED 1500 per square meter per year

Note: Prices may vary depending on the location of the building in the community, the condition of the property and market demand.

To get the price for Palm Jebel Ali land or houses, contact our property manager using the button below:

A real estate agent will advise you on property for sale in Jebel Ali Palm and provide you with a list of apartments and villas with prices.

Jebel Ali real estate investment

Investing money in Jebel Ali properties can be an attractive option for generating stable income and capital growth. Below are some of the factors that make the district attractive to investors:

  1. 1. High Rental Demand - Since the area is not fully developed yet, there are many builders, craftsmen and businessmen working here, which creates a high demand for rental housing. Investors can count on stable rental income from their investments.
  2. 2. Strategic Location - Adjacent to major industrial and business regions, Jebel Ali attracts residents and businesses alike, making it a promising investment location.
  3. 3. Developing infrastructure - Continuous investment in the infrastructure of the area creates a favorable environment for life and business. Investors can expect the value of their assets to rise in the future.

The final factor is the low cost of buying a home. Compared to other areas in Dubai, property in Jebel Ali is often offered at more affordable prices, making it attractive to investors on a budget.

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