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How to buy an apartment in Dubai

Buy apartment in Dubai from a developer at the level of the excavation for investment - This is a great opportunity to make money on real estate in the fastest growing city in the world. Statistically - The value of real estate in Dubai shows a 14% growth every year. To profitably buy a new apartment at first hand, in a new building, directly from the developer at the lowest price and without realtor fees - Fill out the contact form, leaving your name and phone number. Our real estate agency manager will contact you and you can choose an apartment according to your budget, in an elite area of Dubai, from a reliable developer.

You can buy an apartment in euro, dollars, crypto or bitcoin after concluding a direct contract with the developer. Today, the price of apartments in the city of Dubai is calculated in US dollars, but for the purchase of real estate you can also pay in rubles, euros, cryptocurrencies, bitcoins - which is an excellent opportunity to save capital and increase money.

For investment, you can buy a studio apartment, where a USA and Europe with his Euro and Dollars will be welcome in the Arab Emirates. Installment apartments in new buildings are a good investment for saving money and earning money in the UAE. After construction is completed, a Europe (UK, Great Britain, England, United Kingdom, Germany, France and other Europe countries) citizen can obtain a cadastre and a residence permit for the purchase of property, the so-called Dubai Golden Visa. Our Dubai real estate website invites you to explore the market and buy apartments without an agent and broker, profitably and inexpensively.

The price of apartments in Dubai

The price of real estate in Dubai for a Europe citizens, on our catalog is presented in dollars and Euro at the exchange rate for today, for 2023. For example, the average cost of a one-room apartment or studio in rubles starts from 100,000 US dollars. The cost of apartments with a ready repair, from the developer, in the central districts of Dubai, for 1 square meter - starts from $2000 with the condition of payment in installments. The cheapest apartment in Dubai - The price of a one-bedroom studio starts at $60,000. The average price of apartments includes all costs associated with the purchase of apartments, except for a one-time 4% tax.

Dubai's price forecast and growth chart shows a steady growth in your property investment, averaging a 14% increase in returns. The truth about investing in real estate in Dubai lies in the transparency of the industry, where your investment will be transferred to the developer only after the transfer of the apartment keys and the cadastral document of ownership of the property.

Sale of luxury real estate in Dubai from a million US dollars - where the price per square meter will cost below the average market price, with a large area, a gorgeous view from the window to the Burj Khalifa or Dubai Marina, in an elite residential complex from a top turnkey developer. The average cost of the most expensive apartment for 1 square meter starts from 5,000 US dollars.

Answers to questions about real estate in Dubai

Buy investment-attractive housing in Dubai in installments, where the average apartment price is tied to a stable dirham exchange rate - An excellent opportunity to increase capital through investments in real estate from a developer in Dubai.

The following are the main questions and answers for buying an apartment in the UAE:

1. What do you need to buy an apartment in Dubai from a developer?

Every resident of Europe can profitably buy an apartment in Dubai, as Dubai offers to buy real estate inexpensively in rubles. To buy an apartment, you need a passport of a citizen of one of the European countries, such as England, Germany, France or Italy, and an initial fee that is paid to the developer's cash desk. Our agents and real estate brokers will help you choose an apartment for investment or as a home, taking into account your wishes for the budget, area, deadline or other factors. After the conclusion of the contract and payment of the first part of the amount (usually 10-40% of the cost of housing), the developer will issue you a receipt for payment.

Dubai developers do not provide your data on the purchased property on requests and requirements from Europe from law enforcement or tax authorities. During the construction of a new building, you can pay the remaining part of the amount of money in equal installments according to an agreed schedule. After the construction is completed, you pay the last part of the amount and receive a cadastre, which gives you the right to sell, rent or obtain a residence permit and live in Dubai yourself.

2. What is the price of an apartment in Dubai?

The cost of real estate in Dubai depends on the location of the area, distance from the center, availability near the residential complex, the necessary infrastructure, floor, developer and other data. The price of a one-bedroom apartment today is from $100,000. Buying property in Dubai from a reliable developer in a new building requires a passport and a down payment. Luxury real estate in the UAE is also an attractive type of investment, where capital growth annually ranges from 7-14% per year. The price of luxury housing starts from $300,000 in installments. There are also luxury villas, townhouses, cottages and houses in Dubai - the price of which starts from $1 million. In 2023, due to the situation in Russia, many Russians choose the United Arab Emirates for buying a home as a guarantor of saving money. Also, due to rising energy prices, residents of England, France and Germany choose the UAE for investment and relocation. The minimum price of an apartment is very conditional, but it is fixed in the contract of the developer of a new apartment and is not subject to change, regardless of the exchange rate or other factors. When calculating the average cost of apartments in Dubai - The cheapest apartments and the most elite real estate are taken into account with a gradation in all categories to determine the average price of real estate in the city.

3. How to buy an apartment in Dubai for a Russian citizen?

Buy an apartment in Dubai from a developer, where prices in rubles allow you to ignore the unstable exchange rate of the Russian currency and save capital for any Russian in 2023. To purchase an apartment, you need to fill out a contact form with a real estate manager and indicate your budget for the down payment to the developer after the conclusion of the contract, directly without agents, brokers and brokers. A personal manager will help a Russian citizen to choose an apartment for buying an apartment in rubles, and after choosing a property from the catalog in rubles, he will help him get a direct agreement with a reliable developer where you are required to have a Russian passport and a down payment.

Considering the high inflation of the Russian ruble , you can invest in the stable, growing economy of the UAE, where the dirham currency is pegged to the US dollar. Our manager will sign you up for real estate exhibitions and construction news from the developer to track the construction process. The sale price of a finished apartment is always higher than at the development stage, where you have to pay the entire amount of the price of the apartment. Buying housing in installments in rubles, where the sale is carried out in equal parts during construction, allows you to comfortably pay for real estate in rubles, accumulating your investments in a safe state with a neutral policy of the UAE.

4. Where to buy apartment in Dubai?

Choose an area to buy an apartment in Dubai - This is an important step to start considering an investment in the Arab Emirates. Best areas to live in Dubai: Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, City Walk, Business Bay, Arabian Ranches and other popular areas with luxury real estate. Dubai Marina is a TOP area for living and entertainment and is therefore excellent for buying apartments and villas in Dubai for investment and housing. The area is rich in infrastructure facilities, cozy beaches, cafes, bars and restaurants of all nations of the world. When buying apartments, European citizens should give preference to the best areas like Dubai Marina, as Europeans buy property in the 1st turn as an investment or investment to save capital. Buying a one-room studio in a central area will bring more benefits than a two-room apartment away from the center of Dubai. When investing, housing prices are determined by the location of the building, the view from the window, for example, Burj Khalifa, developed infrastructure and the comfort class created by the developer.

5. How to invest in Dubai Property?

Investments in real estate in Dubai with an annual growth of 7-14% per annum, where, according to the AirBnB property yield index, Dubai and the Arab Emirates occupy the TOP positions in terms of real estate profitability when buying, selling and renting. In 2023, luxury property sales are outpacing the average market for home prices around the world. By investing in real estate in Dubai, you can not only save your capital, but also increase your investment through renting out and generating passive income. State investments and banknotes in infrastructure, roads, metro, the creation of new districts, the adaptation of laws to comfortable compliance for investors and developers make it possible to confidently invest in real estate. The result of the correct decisions of the state is a stable increase in property prices in Dubai and an injection of more capital into the UAE. Property investment attracts big capital from Europe and the US, UK, Russia, China and India. Especially against the backdrop of the events of the war, the Russians are actively looking for ways to save and increase money.

In 2023, residents of more than 70 countries invested in real estate through the purchase of housing in the amount of more than 200 billion US dollars. Investment in real estate and the profitability of the construction industry has stepped over the income from oil sales and tourism in Dubai and the UAE as a whole. Investors from the UK, France, Italy, Germany and other European countries prefer to choose investments in the Arab Emirates through a purchase with price fixing for the construction period to eliminate the impact of inflation. For example, citizens of England bought luxury housing in 2023 by 5% more than in 2022, breaking his own record.

6. How to buy an apartment in Dubai, by installments or mortgage?

The sale of real estate from the developer allows you to buy housing in installments, on credit or mortgage. You can buy an apartment in installments by making a first deposit to the developer's cash desk in the amount of 10-40% (Depends on the developer and construction period) and 4% land tax. Another 40-60% is paid during the construction process and the remaining 20-40% after the completion of construction, before receiving the cadastre. The price of housing remains fixed for the entire period of construction in dirhams pegged to the US dollar. Anyone can apply for a mortgage in UAE banks to buy an apartment, including citizens of European countries, as foreign residents. Mortgage in Dubai for citizens of European countries is possible if you have a stable source of income that covers monthly installments. The real estate website In-Dubai.city presents a huge catalog of TOP projects from reliable developers, with offers to buy the best real estate in installments, mortgages or loans. The catalog on the official website allows you to choose apartments and villas, where the real estate market is saturated with the possibility of various kinds of payment in installments. To buy on a mortgage or on credit, you must choose a property where the construction process is completed from 80%. For a European, the mortgage size does not exceed 50% of the cost of the selected housing with an annual interest rate of 3-7% for a period of 10 to 20 years. Next, you need to monthly pay the amount to the bank of the Arab Emirates by money transfer. Also, some banks require a residence permit, the presence of another additional apartment that they take as collateral, an account in the UAE bank, an official place of work or business in the emirates. The cost of obtaining a mortgage will cost 5-7% of the cost of housing. When buying a home on credit, you need to make sure that you can pay the amount every month, otherwise you risk ruining your credit history once and for all.


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