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The cost of living in the central emirate of the UAE is a hot topic in 2023. Dubai is attracting more and more foreigners as the best option for relocation or long term residence. Live in Dubai is a good investment for the future. Everyone who wants to move to another country asks the question "How much does life cost?". Below you can find a short video review of the prices of average living in Dubai city - review is based on early 2023 and may vary slightly.

Video about real monthly cost of live in Dubai:

In this video we talk about life in the central emirate UAE. It describes in detail the real monthly spending on mobile communications, the Internet, food, housing - rent, staff salaries, utilities, as well as education and entertainment costs. In addition to the basic expenses, you should also consider the budget for additional expenses, such as gym memberships, massages, fines, and unexpected expenses.

Based on research and personal experience, we have prepared for you a detailed overview of prices in the emirate of Dubai and answer the following questions below:

  • Dubai how much does it cost to live?
  • What is the daily cost of living in Dubai?
  • How much does it cost to rent a person in Dubai

In addition to answering questions, we will cover the topic of average monthly cost of living per month, average expenses in Dubai for a single person; cost of utilities, groceries, housing; as well as minimum living expenses and average spending on other services.

Dubai living cost

How much does it cost to live in Dubai? Dubai, the glittering metropolis in the United Arab Emirates, is known for its towering skyscrapers, luxurious lifestyle, and thriving business opportunities. As an aspiring resident or visitor, understanding the cost of living in Dubai is crucial for planning your finances and making informed decisions. This comprehensive guide aims to provide an in-depth overview of the expenses involved in various aspects of life in Dubai, including housing, transportation, food, healthcare, and entertainment. Let's dive into the details and discover what it truly costs to live in this vibrant city.

Next, we will answer the most popular questions among relocators and those who want to move to live permanently: Is it really expensive to live in this country? How much money is spent on the consumption of housing and communal services? How much will it cost to rent and buy an apartment in the UAE? How much do food and clothing cost here? How much does it take to travel in public and private transport? When and where in the country can you find big discounts?

Average salary in Dubai

Salary (AED)Salary (USD)
Highly qualified dentist
36 70010 000 $
29 3008 000 $
25 7007 000 $
23 5006 400 $
Office manager
22 0006 000 $
20 0005 500 $
18 3005 000 $
17 4004 750 $
15 6004 250 $
Teacher in schools
14 3003 900 $
13 9003 800 $
12 8003 500 $
Graphic designer
11 3003 100 $
10 6002 900 $
9 2002 500 $
8 8002 400 $
Administrator assistant
8 0002 200 $
7 0001 950$

Note: The table is based on the average income for September 2023.

The level of the average salary in Dubai is the highest among other cities in the UAE and is - 21 000 dirhams, which is about 6 000 USD. The amount of income depends primarily on the status of a person - whether he is a citizen of the country or not. Foreigners can count on a high salary if he is a highly qualified specialist. There is no minimum wage in this country. Therefore, wages directly depend on the employer. But as practice shows, even the lowest salaries in the UAE exceed the average salary in many countries of the European Union.

Payroll taxes in Dubai

There is no income tax in the country. That is, you and the employer do not pay the state anything from your personal profits. And this is good for expats: conscientious employers always sign contracts, and there is no risk of being deceived by an employee.

The state exists by taxing companies engaged in oil and gas production, as well as by fees that are included in the cost of a certain list of services. But this does not apply to employees: if you were promised a certain level of salary, you will receive it - without additional deductions to the state.

Average living cost in Dubai

The average life cost in Dubai city is determined by factors such as the cost of housing, food, transportation, medical services, education and other expenses. According to the ranking of countries with the standard of living, which was compiled by the Relocation Guide, the largest database of cities and countries, United Arab Emirates is among the countries with a high quality of life. This makes Dubai attractive for relocation.

As in any other city, the standard of living of the population depends on many factors, such as income, access to medical services, education, housing, food, transport, etc. In general, the standard of living can be assessed as high. The UAE government is actively working to improve the living conditions of the population, including the construction of new skyscrapers, the development of infrastructure and the improvement of healthcare and education. 

Dubai living expenses

Dubai is expensive to live? There is no standard of living in Dubai in the emirate, as various segments of the population live here from ordinary workers to billionaires. The minimum living expenses in Dubai for 1 person is AED 2500, including spending for housing, utilities, groceries, medicine. If you want to take everything from life and visit beauty salons, fitness rooms every day, get a good education, life in Dubai will be costly - from 6000 AED for a single person. The maximum living expenses in the emirate cannot be calculated.

How expensive is it to live in Dubai? A full breakdown of the cost of living in one of the world's busiest cities is presented in the tables and lists above. Based on these statistics,it is safe to say that the cost of living in Dubai depends on the choice of area of residence, as well as your wallet. For example, you can dine outside for 15-20 AED or $6, or order lunch at L'eto for 200 AED or $55.

In addition to the basic costs of living in Dubai, additional costs must be taken into account:

  • 📃 Home insurance: AED 500 - 1000 per year;
  • ⚡️ Utilities (electricity, water, gas): AED 500 - 1000;
  • 📱 Mobile: AED 100 - 300;
  • 🌐 Internet: AED 200 - 500;
  • 👔 Clothing & Shoes: you can buy 1 item from 20 AED in MAX store, CenterPoint or LC Waikiki. Average multi-item purchase costs range from AED 500 to AED 1500 depending on preferences and brands.

*Prices are based on average living cost in dubai per month.

Living expenses in Dubai for single person

Living in Dubai offers a unique experience, but comes at a cost. It is important to plan your budget accordingly to ensure a comfortable lifestyle in this vibrant city. The cost shown in this guide is an estimate and may vary based on personal preference, lifestyle and market conditions. We have done a thorough research and consulted with locals and experts to get a better idea of the cost of living in Dubai. Next, we will tell you about the personal expenses for living in this emirate for 1 person.

Use the data below to guide your financial planning so you can enjoy the incredible features and attractions of Dubai while keeping your budget balanced.

Medical expenses 💉

Cost in AED

Doctor's Consultation

Health Insurance
1500-10 000 per year

Above are some approximate healthcare costs in Dubai. The insurance does not cover the cost of treatment for all diseases, but only for those specified in the contract.

It has a well-developed healthcare system with modern facilities and highly qualified medical professionals. While public healthcare is available to residents at subsidized rates, private healthcare offers more comprehensive services. Prescription Medications: Prices vary based on the medication.Many Dubai hospitals have discounts on medicine during the seasons, for example, during the Ramadan holiday. Prices for dental treatment may vary depending on the choice of clinic. Next, we will show the price of the Factor Smile Dental Clinic:

  1. 1. Computed tomography - 740 AED;
  2. 2. To cure a tooth from caries - from 470 to 950 AED;
  3. 3. Whitening - 2500 AED;
  4. 4. Removal - 430-1700 AED;
  5. 5. Implant installation - 4500-6000 AED.

Entertainment and leisure expenses

Dubai is famous for its entertainment options, ranging from luxury shopping malls to desert safaris. Here are some approximate costs for popular activities and entertainment in Dubai:

  • Movie Tickets: AED 40 - 80 per person;
  • Theme Parks (e.g., Dubai Parks and Resorts): AED 200 - 400 per person;
  • Desert Safari: AED 150 - 300 per person;
  • Sky diving: AED 850-1250;
  • Burj Khalifa tickets: AED 160-500 for 30 min;
  • Gym Membership: AED 200 - 500 per month (depending on the facilities).

Real estate expenses

Dubai offers a wide range of housing options, from luxurious villas and high-rise apartments to more affordable accommodations. However, rental prices can vary significantly based on location and property type. Here is a breakdown of average monthly rental costs in different areas of Dubai:

Downtown Dubai: A prime location with iconic landmarks like Burj Khalifa.

  • Studio Apartment: AED 6 000 - 10 000
  • 1-Bedroom Apartment: AED 8 000 - 15 000
  • 2-Bedroom Apartment: AED 12 000 - 20 000
  • 3-Bedroom Apartment: AED 16 000 - 30 000

Jumeirah: A popular residential area known for its beachfront properties.

  • Studio Apartment: AED 5 000 - 8 000
  • 1-Bedroom Apartment: AED 6 500 - 12 000
  • 2-Bedroom Apartment: AED 9 000 - 16 000
  • 3-Bedroom Apartment: AED 13 000 - 23 000

Dubai Marina: A vibrant neighborhood with a stunning waterfront view.

  • Studio Apartment: AED 5 000 - 8 000
  • 1-Bedroom Apartment: AED 7 000 - 12 000
  • 2-Bedroom Apartment: AED 10 000 - 15 000
  • 3-Bedroom Apartment: AED 14 000 - 25 000

Dubai living cost in infographicThe picture above shows the average prices for renting 1-2 bedroom apartments in different areas of Dubai for 1 day.

If you want to buy an apartment in Dubai in different areas of the city, go to the list of flats for sale listings using the button below:


🎁 Interest-free installment for 5 years

Buying property in Dubai is a good investment in real estate as the emirate develops and opens up new opportunities for investors from all over the world every year. Next, we will talk about dubai housing cost & average monthly expenses for live in apartments for rent.

Real estate maintenance expenses

Property maintenance in Dubai is more expensive than in other emirates of the UAE. Instead of an annual housing tax, there is an annual maintenance fee. The amount of the contribution is determined by the developer of the project. On average, annual property maintenance fees in Dubai are $15-60 / AED 55-220 per square meter. Utility bills are calculated according to the area of the apartment and meter readings, this payment includes bills for water, electricity, garbage collection and air conditioning.

If you plan to rent out properties, then the cost of maintaining housing in Dubai will include additional costs. Although there is no tax on income from rental properties, you will have to pay a municipal fee ranging from 2.5% to 10% of the rental amount. The rate depends on the type of housing and city, in Dubai it is 5% of the rental amount. The collection is automatically included in the utility bills, so it is paid with utilities. For commercial real estate, the rate is 10%.

Transportation Costs

Cost in AEDCost in USD
2-6 for 1 zone0,20 - 1,8$

2 - 7

0,54 - 1,9$

10 - 15

2,72 - 4 $
Fuel (1 liter)

Getting around Dubai is relatively convenient, thanks to its modern transportation infrastructure. Above are the estimated transport costs in Dubai. You can read more about costs below:

  • Rent Car 🚖

Renting a car can cost a different amount from $40 to $700 and more for 1 day. For example, you can rent a Mitsubishi Attrage car for 6 days for $210 with a $410 deposit. The deposit is taken to pay for toll roads. You can also find sites with a minimum deposit for car rentals from 1000 AED or $272. Luxury cars are rented from AED 5 000 and up.

  • Own Car 🚗

If you decide to buy a car, the car can cost you between 50 000 - 200 000 AED depending on the model. Fuel consumption, depending on its brand, will be from 2.5 to 3.6 AED per liter. And parking will cost you 2-10 AED per house depending on the location.

  • Taxi 🚕

The taxi fare depends on the destination and starts from 10 AED or 2 $ starting fare, plus 2-3 AED or 0.6 $ per km. Additional costs are added to the price in case of crossing the territory of the emirates +15 AED. And for a trip from the Airport to the center of Dubai, the price will be 30-100 AED.

  • Metro 🚇

Metro prices depend on the zones of Dubai that you cross, there are 7 zones in total, and the price ranges from $0.2 to $1.8. You can top up the card with a maximum of $247 and ride a large amount. There are 4 types of travel cards:Dubai metro fare

  1. 1. NOL Red ticket - an option for tourists, the price of the card is 2 AED. You can pay for the trip only for 1 person;
  2. 2. NOL Silver Card - a virtual wallet is created for 25 AED, of which 19 AED goes to an electronic account. Differs from the red ticket in lower prices;
  3. 3. NOL Gold Card - tariffs are similar to silver ticket, but the difference is in access to premium class metro and tram cars, where there are panoramic windows and amenities;
  4. 4. NOL Blue Card - available to UAE residents providing a 50% discount for seniors, disabled people and students.

Expenses for food and groceries 🍉

Dubai offers a diverse culinary scene, ranging from street food stalls to high-end restaurants. Here are some average costs for dining out in Dubai restaurants:

  • Inexpensive Restaurant: 30 - 50 AED per person;
  • Mid-range Restaurant: 100 - 200 AED per person;
  • Fine Dining: 300 - 600 AED per person;
  • Al Mahara: lunch up to 1 100 AED or $300 per person.

Next, we will give an example of buying products in a regular market and in another supermarket, where prices are higher.

Grocery Shopping Prices:

Price in CarrefourPrice in LuLu
Eggs x30
Water 1L
Total price:
63,5 AED203,7 AED

Note: Prices are in Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) national currency. Expenses for food were taken on the same day and differ by more than 3 times. As for imported products - Prices may vary, but they tend to be more expensive.

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