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Studio for sale in Azizi Riviera in MBR
Price: $142 500
Delivery date: 10-2023
Payment: 10/20/70

Studio for sale in Azizi Riviera in MBR

Studio apartment for sale in Meydan district from Azizi Developments
30 m2 | 323 ft2
Floor: 1/9
Studio for sale in Peninsula 3
Price: $209 000
Delivery date: 12-2024
Payment: 50/50

Studio for sale in Peninsula 3

Read more about studio flat for sell in Business bay area in Dubai.
38 m2 | 420 ft2
Floor: 17/36

Studio apartments in Dubai

Most of the sales of properties in Dubai fall on studio flats. These cozy and functional spaces are ideal for investment in real estate, as well as for your own living. Modern studio design in UAE is developed by each developer and has unique advantages. Ergonomic layouts allow you to feel the comfort of living in these types of housing. When buying a space, you can advertise studio for rent in Dubai monthly / weekly or daily and make a lot of money. On our website you can find all studio in Dubai for sale properties in residential complexes from the biggest developers like Emaar, Damac, Danube, Azizi, Meraac, Nakheel, Seven Tides, etc. At the same time, you can choose small studios with an area of ​​20 or 30 square meters, as well as buy a studio with an area of ​​100 sq. On the website, you can choose a property in any of the areas of the emirate, where the price for buying a studio can be higher or lower than the average.

Prices for studios in Dubai

The cost of studio apartments for sale depends on many factors: the location of the flat, the choice of area, the developer of the residential complex, the new building or the secondary market, the condition of the premises, the area, etc. to her. In recent years, interest in real estate in this city, including studios, has increased significantly. Let's take a look at the current benchmarks and trends in studio prices in Dubai. The cost of studios in Dubai varies significantly depending on the area, infrastructure, design and proximity to key facilities. In central areas such as Downtown Dubai, Business Bay and Dubai Marina, as well as in their communities, prices for studios are usually higher due to their prestige and proximity to business and entertainment centers.

Average prices for studios in these districts can range from USD 400 000 to 800 000 / AED 1 470 000 - 3 000 000. However, in suburban areas and less central areas, the cost can be lower, ranging from 150 000 to 400 000 USD or 550 000 - 1 470 000 AED. A complete list of prices for all apartments of this type are presented in our Dubai property blog.

Dubai studio apartment investment

Investing in real estate has always been an attractive option for maintaining and increasing capital. Dubai, with its booming real estate market and high demand for housing, presents an exciting opportunity for investors. Let's take a look at the returns on investments in Dubai studios and the key factors that affect their profitability. According to the analysis, the average ROI for investments in studios in Dubai is approximately 5% - 8% per annum. Thus, by investing AED 300 000, in 1 year the value will increase by at least AED 24 000. And you will be able to earn additional rental income from the purchased property by more than AED 50 000. However, this value may fluctuate depending on the time of ownership, rental rates and general market conditions. The same factors affect the return on investment as prices - rental demand, property quality, area, market stability and development.