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Dubai Marina is one of the most exclusive and attractive areas of Dubai, which offers its visitors an unrivaled combination of luxury, modern design and breathtaking scenery. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, is known for its skyscrapers, white sand beaches, luxury hotels, chic restaurants and amazing entertainment opportunities. Also, this area is a huge complex of high-rise buildings, offices, shops, restaurants and cafes. Here you can find everything you need for a successful business and a comfortable life.

In the following video, you can get acquainted with the streets of the Dubai Marina community, where the top 5 things about this area are shown in detail:

Further in the article, we will look at the location, prices for residential and commercial real estate - rent / purchase, hotels and restaurants and much more.

You can buy apartments in Dubai Marina from developers Emar Emaar, Damak and other construction companies by placing a call back using the button below 👇:

A real estate sales manager in Dubai will contact you and tell you how to buy real estate in dollars, UAE dirhams or cryptocurrency. In this article, we will talk about why Dubai Marina is one of the most attractive places for business and what opportunities it provides to grow your business.

Dubai Marina area

You can list the pros of living in the Dubai Marina district for hours. The most important feature of this place is its location. Part of the area is literally surrounded by the sea, and the second borders on the Jumeirah Lake Towers area and Jabal Ali Second. Residents of this zone often use means of individual mobility - bicycles, scooters, scooters. Since thanks to them you can get to any point of Dubai Marina much faster than by taxi or by car - traffic jams appear in the evening.

Dubai Marina location

Dubai marina district is located in the north-eastern part of the emirate and borders the Persian Gulf. Other parts of the area border with communities such as Jabal Ali Second & Jumeirah Lake Towers. Below in the table you can view the distance of the city's attractions from this district.

Distance from Dubai MarinaTravel Time
Dubai Airport
33 km28 min
Desert Safari
75 km50 min
Burj Khalifa
21.1 km18 min
Dubai Mall
20.9 km17 min
Burj Al Arab
9.2 km16 min
8.6 km7 min
Aquaventure Waterpark
12.6 km18 min

Note: The table shows the approximate distance and travel time. Data may vary slightly depending on traffic and other factors.

Dubai Marina is located in the center of Dubai, just a few minutes drive from the main attractions of the city. This area is conveniently located between Jumeirah Beach Residence and Palm Jumeirah, creating a unique atmosphere where modern architecture is combined with the beauty of the sea coast. It will only take you about 30 minutes by taxi from Dubai Airport to reach the district. You can see the exact location of the coastal zone on the map below.

Dubai Marina district on the map:

As you can see on the map above from Google Maps, Dubai Marina has a strait inside the area. Based on the location of the Dubai Marina, it can be concluded that the northeastern border of the zone is along the Sheikh Zayed road. The northwestern part of the region faces the open sea.

Top places to visit in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina, located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, is one of the most impressive areas of Dubai. With exquisite skyscrapers, luxury yachts and endless entertainment possibilities, Dubai Marina attracts tourists from all over the world. Here are some of the top places to visit in the district.

  • Dubai Marina Mall

A shopping center offering a wide range of shops, restaurants and entertainment. You can enjoy shopping at world brands, try a variety of culinary delights and even visit the cinema with the latest innovations.

  • Skydive Dubai

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience and adrenaline then Skydive Dubai is the perfect place for you. Here you can skydive and enjoy the stunning bird's eye view of Dubai Marina. Skydive Dubai price in dirhams - from 2 389 AED to 2 589 AED, in dollars - from $650 to $700.Skydive in Dubai Marina

  • JBR Beach

JBR is a popular place for walking along the sandy beach. Here you will find many restaurants, cafes and shops where you can relax and enjoy stunning sea views. JBR also often hosts various festivals and events.

  • Marina Walk

Marina Walk is a waterfront that spans the entire Dubai Marina area. Here you can stroll along the promenade, enjoying panoramic views of skyscrapers and yachts. You will also find many restaurants, cafes and shops here.

Dubai Marina is a place where luxury, entertainment and beauty come together. Regardless of what you decide to spend your time on, you will get unforgettable emotions. Apart from the main attractions, here you will find 3d Blacklight Minigolf as well as numerous Yacht cruises.

Dubai Marina Hotels

The area is famous for its luxurious hotels offering impeccable service and first class amenities. One of the most famous hotels is "Jumeirah Beach Residence" - a five-star hotel with direct access to the beach and magnificent sea views. Tourists also leave high ratings for "Grosvenor House" - a double skyscraper that houses a hotel and service apartments. In addition to these hotels, the following stand out:

Cost in USDRating
Address Beach Resort
220 $
★ ★ ★ ★ 
4.78 (5,390)
Crowne Plaza
110 $★ ★ ★ ★ 
4.73 (2,701)
The Ritz-Carlton
300 $★ ★ ★ ★ 
4.62 (5,076)
140 $
★ ★ ★ ★ 
4.42 (4,925)
Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers
85 $
★ ★ ★ ★ 
4.59 (1,708)
165 $★ ★ ★ ★ 
4.54 (6,425)
Marina Byblos
75 $★ ★ ★ 
4.11 (2,684)
Radisson Blu Residence
100 $★ ★ ★ 
3.94 (1,540)
85 $★ ★ ★ 
4.41 (4,531)
70 $★ ★ 
4.71 (5,903)

Note: Data collected from publicly available information on the Internet - Google travel search source. Prices are for 1 night stay for 1 person with taxes & fees. The price is current as of July 2023.

Dubai Marina property

You can find apartments for sale in Dubai Marina in different communities like Jumeirah Beach Resort. This is one of the most popular areas of the emirate. This district is famous for its high degree of comfort and luxury in properties, as well as a rich selection of entertainment, restaurants and shops. Properties are created by various developers such as Damac, Emaar - they create high-end apartments that are offered both for sale and for rent. Here you can find apartments of various sizes and configurations - from small studios to luxurious penthouses with sea views. To go to Dubai Marina apartments for sale category, click on the button below:


🎁 Interest-free installment for 5 years

The Dubai Marina has many new residential developments that have been built in recent years. They are distinguished by modern design and a high level of comfort, as well as offering a wide range of services for residents.

Dubai Marina apartments investment

Investing in real estate in Dubai Marina is a great opportunity to get a high income and secure a stable source of passive income. The area attracts many foreign investors due to its high profitability and rising property prices. The steady growth in real estate prices makes it attractive to investors, their opportunities to profit from renting or reselling real estate are high. Favorable location of the zone, its developed infrastructure, beautiful views of the Persian Gulf and accessibility to the main places that tourists need to visit.Dubai Marina Real Estate objects

One of the main advantages of investing in apartments in Dubai Marina is that the area is located in the city center and is a popular tourist destination. This means that the demand for rental housing here will always be high, which will provide property owners with a stable income.

Why you need invest on apartments in Dubai Marina:

  • Constant demand for housing - constant demand from both local residents and foreign buyers. A high level of demand provides stability and growth in the value of real estate in the community;
  • Tourist Popularity - The Emirate is actively developing a tourist destination, and many tourists choose to rent accommodation in the Dubai Marina during their stay. This opens up additional opportunities for generating rental income;
  • Developed Infrastructure - Investing with a well developed infrastructure such as Dubai Marina is generally considered less risky as the level of comfort attracts potential renters;
  • Owning real estate is prestigious and profitable. The area is famous for its luxury and high level of comfort, which makes it one of the most attractive places to live and relax.

Prices for Dubai Marina apartments

Cost for apartments in Dubai Marina depend on many factors, such as the size of the apartment, location, sea view, etc. On average, the price of flats starts from 1 million dirhams (about USD 270 000 or AED 990 000) for a studio and can reach more than 20 million dirhams (about 5.5 million US dollars) for a luxury penthouse. In addition, it is important to consider that property prices in Dubai Marina are constantly rising. Over the past few years, the cost of housing in the area has increased by 15-20%, which makes investing in real estate here even more attractive. Next, we recommend taking a look at prices in various properties.

Apartaments cost in Dubai Marina:

Type of apartmentPrice in AED
Shehri Antalya
studio2 050 000
Azizi Riviera
1 030 000
The Princess Tower
1 bedroom1 500 000
Bay Central
1 760 000
Golf Suites
2 bedroom1 530 000
3 670 000
Al Sahab Tower 1
3 bedroom4 700 000
Liv Lux
5 690 000
Damac Heights
4 bedroom4 800 000
5 bedroom23 850 000

Regardless of the price category, buying property in Dubai Marina promises not only comfortable living, but also a profitable investment. Housing in this area combines a convenient location, beautiful views and a wide range of infrastructure - restaurants, cafes, sports and entertainment centers, as well as proximity to beaches and other attractions of this city.

Commercial property in Dubai Marina

In addition to residential real estate, Dubai Marina district has a lot of space for sale to create or relocate your business. One of the main advantages of commercial real estate in Dubai Marina is that the community is located in the city center and has a high traffic of people. This means that your business will have high traffic and high potential for development. Dubai Marina offers the following types of commercial property for purchase:

  1. 1. Offices;
  2. 2. The shops;
  3. 3. Restaurants;
  4. 4. Cafe;
  5. 5. Other objects for business.

Commercial buildings in Dubai Marina is a great opportunity for those who want to open their business in a prestigious area of the city. Here you will find many free rooms of various sizes and configurations that are suitable for any type of activity.

Prices for commercial real estate Dubai Marina:

Type of property
Name of estatePrice in AED
Shell N Core
4 260 000
Orra Marina3 900 000
Bay Central4 650 000
Marina Plaza6 350 000
Commercial estate
Sukoon Tower39 000 000

The cost of commercial properties in the area differ depending on the choice of real estate for your business - office, warehouse, shop, restaurant or something else. Factors such as area, developer, type of building, location, and services provided should also be considered.

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