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1 bedroom apartment in Princess Tower in Dubai Marina
Price: $409 000
Delivery date: 09-2012
Payment: 40/60

1 bedroom apartment in Princess Tower in Dubai Marina

One-bedroom apartment for sale in Princess Tower in Dubai Marina.
86 m2 | 936 ft2
Floor: 50/101
Sale apartment in Dubai Marina with 3 bedrooms
Price: $880 500
Delivery date: 03-2022
Payment: 20/80

Sale apartment in Dubai Marina with 3 bedrooms

Apartment for sale in Dubai Marina in Emaar 52/42 tower with three bedrooms.
160 m2 | 1722 ft2
Floor: 23/52
3 bedroom apartment for sale in LIV Marina
Price: $1 200 000
Delivery date: 07-2026
Payment: 20/80

3 bedroom apartment for sale in LIV Marina

More about residential property for sale in Dubai Marina.
197 m2 | 2120 ft2
Floor: 32/44
Sale 2 bedroom apartment in Address JBR
Price: $1 892 400
Delivery date: 07-2020
Payment: 100

Sale 2 bedroom apartment in Address JBR

Overview of a 3-room apartment with two bedrooms in the luxury apartments of Adress Jumeirah Beach Resort.
166 m2 | 1786 ft2
Floor: 66/77

Dubai Marina property for sale

The Dubai Marina real estate area is a testament to the ever-changing skyline of the emirate and the unprecedented ambitions of developers such as Emaar, Damac, Danube and others. If you are looking for luxury urban living, property for sale in Dubai Marina is an enticing prospect. This vibrant waterfront community has become a symbol of the modern lifestyle, offering an impressive range of residential and commercial options. From high-rise apartments to exclusive penthouses, the neighborhood embodies the essence of modern living in all its glory. Listings for sale of propertyies in Dubai Marina community are available on this page. Among the properties for sale, you can choose townhouses, apartments in residential complexes and hotels, penthouses, as well as commercial real estate - offices, warehouses and premises, buildings for hotels and restaurants.

Property prices in Dubai Marina

The charm of Dubai Marina lies not only in its architectural wonders and stunning views, but also in the range of property prices that suit different budgets. According to the latest data, property prices in Dubai Marina can vary significantly depending on factors such as location, size and amenities. A first-class waterfront apartment with breathtaking views can start at $1.5 million for a one-bedroom apartment. Meanwhile, larger apartments or apartments in iconic residential towers can easily top the $5 million mark. It is important to note that these prices are subject to change due to market and demand fluctuations. Dubai Marina properties comprise a range of outstanding residential developments and communities, each offering its own unique style and level of amenities. Here are some well-known communities in the Dubai Marina area where you can buy a property at a bargain price:
1. Marina Promenade: Apartment prices in this complex can start from around $500,000 and up.
2. Marina Quays - $600,000 to over $2 million for more luxurious units.
3. Marina Gate - $1.5 million to over $5 million / AED 5 500 000 - 18 000 000.
4. Ocean Heights - from $700,000 / AED 2 580 000 to several million dollars.
5. The Torch - from $500,000 / AED 1 800 000 and can reach over $1.5 million.
6. Princess Tower - from $700,000 / AED 2 580 000 and up, depending on the floor and area.
7. Marina Crown - from $500 000 / AED 1 800 000 and may vary depending on the options chosen.
8. The Address Dubai Marina - prices start at several million dollars / at AED 10 000 000.
9. Emaar 6 Towers - Prices start at $600,000 to over $2 million / AED 2 200 000 - AED 7 300 000 000.
10. LIV LUX - prices start at $ 900 000 / AED 3 300 000.
These are just some of the residential complexes that offer to buy flats in the Dubai Marina district. You can get a larger list after receiving extended information from our property managers.

Apartments for sale in Dubai Marina

The prospect of owning an apartment in Dubai Marina is undoubtedly enticing. The community boasts an extensive selection of apartments for sale, designed to cater to different preferences. Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the marina, or experiencing the city's glimmering lights from your own private balcony. One can find a variety of configurations, ranging from cozy one-bedroom units to expansive four-bedroom penthouses. Well-known residential complexes like Marina Gate, Jumeirah Living Marina Gate, and No.9 ensure that there's something to match every individual's lifestyle. All these and other high-rise projects from the area's leading developers are located in neighborhoods and communities: JBR, Marina Walk, Emaar Six Towers area West Avenue, The Torch, Marina Gate zone, Princess Tower, Bluewaters and other neighborhoods.

Commercial property for sale in Dubai Marina

Buy an office or other business property in the Dubai Marina community and get an 8% return on investment in the first year. Businesses seeking a prestigious address within a dynamic community often explore the range of commercial properties available here. From stylish office spaces with state-of-the-art facilities to retail outlets strategically positioned to capture the attention of the bustling foot traffic, Dubai Marina offers a diverse array of options. Some of the renowned developers in this sector include Emaar Properties, known for their commitment to quality and innovation.