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Jumeirah Beach Residence is a microdistrict located on the coast of the bay. JBR is included in the TOP 50 best areas in the world to live according to Time Out magazine.

Video overview of Jumeirah Beach Residence:

The length of the residential quarter stretches for 1.7 kilometers, where on one side there is a beach, and on the other a marina. This area is famous not only in United Arab Emirates, but all over the world for its numerous attractions for entertainment, as well as modern architecture.

Further in the article, we will write in more detail about the history of the creation of the area, as well as the prices for buying and renting housing, the cost of visiting attractions, as well as the price for a night in popular hotels.

JBR area in Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Residence is known as JBR - a small residential area stretching for 1.7 km along the coast of the Persian Gulf and covers a total area of 2 km squared. There are more than 50 skyscrapers up to 50 floors high, where there are offices, hotels and residential apartments. The district itself was built up by the developer "Dubai Properties Group", which started its business in 2002. Construction lasted until 2010 - all 6 quarters were commissioned at the same time. Transport accessibility is no different from other areas, where there are toll highways named after Sheikh Zayed and other means of transportation. Dubai Marina, JBR houses the offices of various tour operators offering luxury yacht cruises.

Where can I get medical help at JBR? In the central part of the microdistrict there is honey. the center of Medcare, where all possible services and equipment for the examination and treatment of diseases are offered. Nearby you can also find Saudi German and Emirates hospitals, Boots and Aster Pharmacies. All of them are available at any time of the day 24/7.

JBR location

The district is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, which makes it an ideal place for lovers of beach holidays and sea activities. The beaches are known for their beautiful white sandy surface, which attracts tourists and locals to relax and sunbathe. The extensive beach areas offer many amenities and opportunities for water activities such as water skiing, jet surfing, parasailing and more. This neighborhood is located on the northwest coast and borders the Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) areas. It is conveniently located close to the city's main transportation arteries such as the Sheikh Zayed Road, providing excellent connections to other parts of the city.Below you can see the table of remoteness of the community from the attractions of Dubai.

Location of popular places from JBR

Distance from JBRTravel Time
Dubai Airport
35 km25 min
Burj Khalifa
23 km20 min
Desert Safari
60 km40 min
Dubai Mall
24 km20 min
Palm Jumeirah
11 km12 min
Ain Dubai
6,8 km11 min

The Jumeirah Beach Residence microdistrict is well located on the Jumeirah beach and occupies a remarkable place on the shores of the Persian Gulf. The proximity to other well-known areas such as Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah makes it even more attractive for residents and tourists. As you can see in the table above, it is easy to get to the main tourist attractions and business centers of Dubai from here.

Jumeirah Beach Residence area in Dubai on the Map:

On the UAE map above, the JBR is shown in detail and circled in red. The location of Jumeirah Beach Residence is very good as the residential area is located in Dubai Marina District. Locals often visit The Beach at JBR nearby, which has a 600-meter running track and sports fields. The proximity to the bay makes this place very attractive for tourists, as well as the citizens of the United Arab Emirates.

How to get to JBR? The nearest metro stations are DAMAC Properties and DMCC, where you can transfer to the tram. Water Taxi or Ferry - Exit at the boat station or Dubai Marina Mall.

Hotels in JBR

Jumeirah Beach Residence is a wonderful place that attracts tourists from all over the world with its beautiful beach, luxurious apartments and a wide variety of entertainment. Located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, community offers a wide range of hotels that guarantee an unforgettable and comfortable stay. Here are some of the best hotels in this area that will satisfy the needs of the most discerning travelers:

Cost in USDRating
Crowne Plaza an IHG
$ 110★ ★ ★ ★ ★
4,8 (2,587)
Address Beach Resort
$ 320★ ★ ★ ★ ★
4,7 (3,504)
Mövenpick Jumeirah Beach
$ 100★ ★ ★ ★ ★
4,6 (4,909)
Rixos Premium
$ 210★ ★ ★ ★ ★
4,6 (5,963)
JA Ocean View
$ 140★ ★ ★ ★ ★
4,5 (3,764)
Hilton Dubai The Walk
$ 145★ ★ ★ ★
4,5 (5,352)
$ 170★ ★ ★ ★
4,5 (1,305)
$ 95★ ★ ★ ★
4,5 (1,795)
Millennium Place Marina
$ 70★ ★ ★ ★
4,5 (1,926)
City Premiere Marina Deluxe
$ 85★ ★ ★
4,2 (1,342)

Note: Hotel prices are for 2 persons for 1 night.

Each of the above hotels has all the amenities - swimming pool, WIFI, spa, bar, fitness centre, free parking, restaraunt, air conditioning, hot tub, beach access, pet-friendly, child-friendly, airport shuttle and others. If you are looking for more cheap hotels in JBR, you can check out Premier Inn, which is located near the Ibn Battuta metro station. There is also a shuttle service to Abu Dhabi Airport. The cost of a night's stay with breakfast is $50 or AED 180.

Things to do in Jumeirah Beach Residence

Top place to visit in JBR Dubai district is the beach named after this residential area. Along the beach there are many cafes, restaurants and food outlets. AED currency is valid on the beach, so if you are a tourist and come with a different currency, exchange it. The entrance to the beach is free, but you can rent a sunbed for 1 day for AED 110. Dubai JBR beach & real estateThis price also includes access to the shower, umbrella and towel. Visitors can also pay for a double sunbed for AED 195. Here you can also rent a double bed for AED 210, as well as a large bed and 4-person hoodie for AED 310.

Jumeirah Beach attraction prices

TimePrice in AED
10 min500
20 min800
Jet ski
15 min250
30 min420
60 min720
Fishing Trip
3 hrs2 000
4 hrs2 500
5 hrs3 000
Boat Tour
30 min110
45 min150
60 min190
15 min210
Banana Ride
15 min105
Donut Ride
15 min105
15 min200
15 min350
15 min700
15 min350
30 min470
15 min350
30 min600
60 min850
Water Skiing Kneeboarding
15 min350
30 min600
60 min850
1 hrs300
1 hrs300
Stand up paddle board
30 min70
60 min100

Note: Prices are for 1 person. If, according to the requirements, the minimum number of people for using the attraction is several people, the amount will be different. Requirements for various attractions may be the following - presence of a passport, at least 2 people, advance reservation.

For children there are inflatable trampolines on the water: AED 150 for children from 6 years old, and for a group of 5 people there are discounts - AED 125 per person. There is also a Sky dubai airstrip nearby where corn planes take off. Those wishing to skydive can try this for AED 2 100 - jump with an instructor. Every day the beach is cleaned of debris and the sand is leveled. The water here is warm, but there are no marine life, as the beach area is fenced with nets.

Real estate in JBR Dubai area

Despite its small area, JBR houses many skyscrapers from well-known developers - Emaar properties, Al Fattan, Select Group, Dubai properties and DIRC. These builders have built the following popular residential complexes here - The Walk, Bay Central / Botanica / The point Towers, The Address Jumeirah Resort, Oasis Beach Tower and other properties. Real estate for sale in JBR - Apartments in Jumeirah Beach ResidenceNext, we offer to get acquainted with the developers of this community and their objects:

  1. 1. Emaar Properties - Murjan 3, Gate Tower.
  2. 2. Al Fattan Properties - Al Fattan Marine Tower.
  3. 3. LIV - Liv Lux Residence.
  4. 4. Al Ain Properties - Address Residences, Al Bateen.
  5. 5. Five Holding - Five Luxe.

Despite the list of popular developers, the main one in this neighborhood is Dubai Properties development, which began its existence in 2002 and built this community in 2010. Builder has also built Rimal, La Vie, Sadaf, Murjan complexes here.

Prices for apartments in JBR

Real estate costs in this community can vary significantly depending on the type of object, its area, number of storeys and view characteristics. Below is a list of average prices for various types of properties in Jumeirah Beach Residence:

  • Studio - AED 850 000 / USD 231 000;
  • 1 bedroom - AED 1 400 000 / USD 381 100;
  • 2 bedroom - AED 2 100 000 / USD 571 000;
  • 3 bedroom - AED 2 800 000 / USD 762 0000;
  • 4 bedroom - AED 5 900 000 / USD 1 606 000;
  • 5 bedroom - AED 13 000 000 / USD 3 530 000;
  • Penthouse - AED 7 000 000 and up / more than USD 1 900 000.

Note: Real estate prices can vary significantly depending on the developer, type of property, and other factors. 

The rates shown above are average for the market for apartments for sale at Jumeirah Beach Residence. You can find more prices and different properties to buy real estate in JBR by clicking the button below:


🎁 Interest-free installment for 5 years

As far as housing rent on Bluewater Island is concerned, it differs from the cost of real estate on the mainland. Renting a one-bedroom apartment for a year will cost an average of AED 145 000. The 2-room apartments are rented for a year for AED 160 000. The starting price for an annual rental of a 3-bedroom apartment is AED 220 000, a 4-bedroom apartment is AED 310 000‒330 000.

Investment in JBR real estate

In addition to excellent living conditions, the community offers attractive real estate investment opportunities. The projects in this neighborhood present a high potential for rental and investment income. Below are the data on the estimated yield of the rent:

Property type
Annual rental income (estimate)ROI
AED 60 000 - 80 0005-6 %
1 bedroom
AED 80 000 - 120 0006-7 %
2 bedroom
AED 120 000 - 160 0007-8 %
3 bedroom
AED 160 000 - 220 0008-9 %
AED 220 000up 9 %

Note: ROI is based on rental prices in 2022 and 2023.

Investing in real estate in JBR may be a sound decision given the steady rise in property prices and the high demand for rentals in the area. The advantages of this can be an attractive seaside location, high demand among tourists, as well as a visible potential for appreciation in the real estate market.

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