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Blue waters Island area appeared in 2020 thanks to Nakheel development company. The project itself was approved and launched in 2013, at that time by the ruler Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum. Builders filled the vast area with sand and connected it with footbridges, and Bluewaters Island was born. After that, Meraas developers started building and built AIN Dubai, as well as the rest of the property. The main plus of life in the Blue waters district is isolation from the bustle of the city. However, you can always reach the nearest areas in the shortest possible time.

Video overview of Bluewaters Island:

Despite its small territory, the island has more than 200 shops, hotels and restaurants. The advantageous location of Bluewaters allows you to travel by bus or tram from the Dubai Marina stop to the footbridge. You can also get to the island by your own or rented car, as well as by taxi via the E11 highway. This article will cover the location, hotels and restaurants, places to visit, as well as real estate in the area.

Blue waters Island

The artificial island is one of the most beautiful areas of Dubai, as it is surrounded by the Persian Gulf and is connected to the land by a bridge. The largest Ferris wheel in the world is located here, and the area is filled with luxury real estate and there are no new buildings here. This community is great for family walks and good times. Blue waters is both a residential area and an attraction of the emirate, as it has everything for relaxation and great pastime. Next, we recommend watching a video review of the Blue-water zone and understanding what a small island is like.

The microdistrict is located next to the Dubai Marina Bay, 400 meters from the prestigious JBR area. You can see a more detailed location below, where the distance and travel time to the sights of the emirate will be described in detail.

Blue waters Dubai location

LandmarkDistance from Bluewaters IslandTravel Time
Dubai Airport37 km23 min
Burj Khalifa22 km17 min
Dubai Mall23 km15 min
Jumeirah Mosque27 km25 min
Skydive7 km7 min
Jumeirah Beach22 km18 min

Bluewaters is just a short drive from the Jumeirah Beach Residence and close to the Jumeirah area. A distinctive feature of this area is its location on an artificial island connected to the main part of Dubai by a bridge. This provides easy and convenient access to this heavenly place for anyone who wants to enjoy its unique surroundings and amenities. You can view the location of blue waters Island on the map below.

Blue waters Island area in Dubai on the map:

The map clearly shows that the Blue waters Island area is connected to the land by two bridges. You can also get to the nearest area of Dubai Marina through the Bluewaters Marine Transport Station. Study this map and you will be able to see all the sights of the area. Next, we will look at places that everyone needs to visit, as well as talk about the real estate area and its hotels.

Things to do in Bluewaters Island area

If you don't know what to do in Blue waters, be sure to visit the largest ferris wheel in the world, AIN Dubai. The height of the "Pearl of Dubai" is 210 meters, and the viewing radius is 50 km. About 3 million people visit this place every year. You can buy tickets on the official website of EXPO or aindubai. There are 2 types of ticket, which differ in cost depending on the time of visiting the attraction:

  1. 1. By choosing a specific day and time from 16:00 to 20:00 - $55 / AED 200.
  2. 2. During the daytime, you can buy a ticket for $40 / AED 150.

Things to do in blue waters - Ain Dubai

In addition, you can also discuss with the administration about holding a holiday for a different cost. The cabins are very large and resemble a space capsule that can accommodate more than 25 people. The total number is 48 cabins. Near the wheel there are restaurants, attractions and playgrounds, as well as walking areas where you can enjoy the beauty with pleasant music.

If you are a sports lover, you can use the gym in the hotel or residential complex where you live. There are also outdoor running tracks. You can also spend time culturally at Caesars Resort Dubai Theatre, where performances and concerts are regularly held.

Beach party lovers can visit the area's only beach from the Caesars Palace hotel. Beach access AED 280-380 per person per visit. The price depends on the choice of the day - during the daytime and weekdays 80 $ and at the weekend $ 75-100. In the evening, the blue waters drone show starts here. Nearby restaraunts, where you can sample cuisine from renowned chef Gordon Ramsay:

  • Alici;
  • Cove Beach;
  • Mitts & Trays;
  • Clay;
  • The London Project;
  • The Pods;
  • Demon Duck by Alvin Leung.

In addition to the restaurant, you can dine or dine outside at the Venus Ristorante & Beach Club or grab a bite to eat at the Beach Club. You can eat pizza at Piazza, and buy delicious ice cream at Wonderbee Ice Cream.

Hotels in Bluewaters Island area

The most popular hotel in Blue waters is Caesars Palace, which has access to the only beach on this island. According to a Google Travel search, the hotel has a 5-star status and a very high rating of 4.7 out of over 3,000 reviews. Here you will find all the amenities for a comfortable stay - air conditioning, huge apartments, a fitness area and a gym, a swimming pool, a beach and much more. The cost for 2 persons per night will be $320 or AED 1175.Caesars Palace hotel in Bluewaters Dubai

In addition to The Residences Caesars Palace in Bluewaters, there are cheaper hotels where you can rent apartments from 1 to 4 bedrooms for $150-300 or AED 550-1100 for 1 day. Rates vary based on location, floor, number of rooms, and availability of amenities. They are located in Bluewaters Buildings 1-9. If you want to visit one of the attractions of Dubai, you can get from 15 to 30 minutes by car.

Restaraunts in Bluewaters Dubai

Kitchen typePeculiarities
SeafoodRomantic dinners overlooking the sea and gastronomic delights
ChinaModern interior, gourmet food and live music
Nobu Dubai
JapanSushi and sashimi from renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa

Note: The tables are examples of information and data may vary depending on actual conditions and changes that have occurred since the date of the current event.

From gourmet world cuisines to traditional Arabic flavors, the Bluewaters area has a culinary diversity to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Restaurants with beautiful interiors and mesmerizing sea views make every meal an unforgettable experience.

Real estate in Blue waters

Property in Bluewaters Island has a type of residential properties, but here you can buy apartments and turn them into a small office for your business. Meraas builders built this microdistrict and built the largest Bluewaters Residences - consists of 10 buildings and 17 townhouses, where you can buy apartments with 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, penthouses or townhouses. This property is perfect for large or small families. There are hangouts and playgrounds. Buy real estate in Bluewaters Island at a competitive price by choosing one of the projects on the Dubai real estate website:

Bluewaters property

🎁 Interest-free installment for 5 years

The apartments are equipped with all necessary amenities. Refurbished with previous owner finishes in a neutral palette and minimalist style. The apartments are equipped with built-in appliances and are ready for use. Panoramic windows overlook the Persian Gulf and the lights of Dubai Marina.

Bluewaters real estate invmestment

 Should you invest in Blue waters Island property?  The return on investment in Bluewaters Island can be called high. For apartments with 1 and 4 bedrooms, ROI is from 6%. A 3 bedroom apartment can bring in the order of 6.2% return on investment. 2 bedroom apartments typically generate a 5.7% ROI. Investing in property in Bluewaters is an attractive option for many potential buyers. Some of the top benefits include:
  1. 1. High rental yield potential due to the popularity of the area among tourists and business travelers.
  2. 2. The impeccable quality of construction and unique architectural features make this area attractive to many buyers.
  3. 3. Developed infrastructure, including schools, medical facilities, shopping centers and entertainment venues.

The project is limited to land and does not continue to develop. However, it is always full of opportunities for investors and residents - you can make money on the purchase and sale of housing. Infrastructure development, new shopping centers, cultural and entertainment events, and additional public facilities make this area increasingly attractive for living and business.

Prices for apartments in Blue waters Buildings:

Apartment typeAreaPrice for 1 square meterTotal price USD / AED
1 bedroom107 m2$ 6300$ 675 000 /
AED 2 500 000
2 bedroom140 m2$ 6570$ 920 000 /
AED 3 400 000
3 bedroom194 m2$ 6575$ 1 275 000 /
AED 4 650 000
4 bedroom230 m2$ 6520$ 1 500 000 /
AED 5 550 000
5 bedroom penthouse873 m2$ 6300$ 5 500 000 /
AED 20 200 000

Prices are at a high level, since real estate is sold only in the secondary market. This island is mainly chosen not for investment, but for oneself. If you're looking at a property to rent with a high check, take a look at this area. There are a lot of shopping areas, there is a beach line and walking areas.

Factors affecting the price of an apartment or other residential property depend on:

  1. 1. Location: Apartments that are located closer to the coast or with panoramic sea views usually have a higher cost. These properties provide residents with the luxury of enjoying great views and proximity to the beach.
  2. 2. Size and layout: The area and layout of the apartments also significantly affect their price. Larger apartments with more rooms and luxurious amenities are more expensive than smaller studios or one-bedroom apartments.
  3. 3. Level of finish and design: Apartments with premium finishes, high quality materials and exclusive design elements usually cost more. This allows you to provide residents with the maximum level of comfort and luxury.
  4. 4. Amenities and Services: The presence of various amenities and services in the area or within the apartment complex can also affect the cost. The presence of a swimming pool, fitness center, spas, concierge services and other additional amenities can increase the value of the apartment.
  5. 5. Popularity of the area: Blue Waters attracts many tourists and investors with its variety of entertainment, restaurants, shopping and cultural events. Popular areas usually have higher property prices.

As for the rent, you can find the price list below:

  • 1 bedroom - AED 140,000
  • 2 bedrooms - AED 190,000
  • 3 bedrooms - AED 270,000
  • 4 bedrooms - AED 400,000

Note: Average prices are based on 1 year stay.

For these apartments, there is the possibility of buying properties in a mortgage for 3 years or 6 years with a payment of $ 2,000 per month, where the down payment is from 10%. If you buy an apartment from $250,000, you get a residence permit and ID for each family member.

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