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A business center and a place to live in one bottle, this is the name of the modern district of Dubai - Business Bay, located in the heart of the city. It is a glamorous cluster of high-rise skyscrapers designed with the needs of today's business and evolving lifestyle in mind. Next, you can watch a video review of the Business Bay area in Dubai:

The video tells about renting and buying housing in the skyscrapers of this neighborhood. You can learn about the advantages of living in Business Bay, as well as get acquainted with the price list of real estate. 

This area is a symbol of financial power and offers many opportunities for business, trade and entertainment. In this article, we will dive into the world of Business Bay, look at its features and find out what makes it a real oasis of modern business and entertainment.

Business Bay is famous for its high-tech office spaces such as Bay Square, Executive/Opal/Vision/B2b Towers. Here you will find skyscrapers that are home to the world's leading companies and startups. Offices in these skyscrapers are equipped with the latest technology, offering everything necessary for the comfortable work of employees. In addition to IT companies, there are many shopping centers that offer first-class opportunities for shopping, entertainment and recreation. Here you will find many shops of famous world brands, restaurants with varied cuisine - Bay Avenue Mall, The Executive Towers, Marasi Promenade.

Business Bay: Description of Dubai area

District was established in 2003 and has an area of 7430000 sq. m. The southeastern part of the business bay stretches along the Ras Al Khor road, and the northern part borders on the Downtown community. The neighborhood is located along the man-made Dubai Canal, but does not border the Persian Gulf, so there is no private beach. The nearest public beach is Jumeirah Beach. It is only 15 minutes. The main part of the area is business centers, entertainment and real estate, the main developer of which is DAMAC. In this district you can also find skyscrapers and commercial properties built by other builders - Emaar, Sobha, Omniyat.Business Bay area in Dubai

Where can I get an education in Business Bay?  For families with children, 4 kindergartens have been built - Hummingbird, Maple Bear, Blossoms and Churchill Towers - a Canadian educational program is applied. School education can be obtained in several institutions that offer the English, American and Indian education system - Al Quoz, Safa, GEMS, GIIS. The term of study depends on this, in schools with an American program they teach 12 years, in a private Indian school - 13 years.
Are there hospitals in Business Bay?  There are several clinics here, including the Emirates Hospital Clinic and a branch of the popular Aster clinic chain.
Where can you buy groceries and eat? Shopping can be done in supermarkets, here are the largest of them: Al Maya Burj Downtown, West Zone Fresh, Spinneys Bay Avenue. The catering industry is represented by restaurants of the most diverse cuisine: Italian, Thai, European, Japanese. The network of fast food restaurants is very developed, which can be very convenient for people with a lack of free time.

Business Bay location

What is the transportation to use in Business Bay? The taxis and buses running around the Business Bay area. Getting around the community is not at all a problem, but public transport can be useful to get to other neigborhoods anyway. The Business Bay metro station of the same name is located directly on the territory of this quarter. There are other metro stations nearby - Burj Khalifa, Dubai, Financial Center.

Distance from Business BayTravel Time
Dubai Airport
15 km17 min
Burj Khalifa
4.1 km9 min
Desert Safari
60 km44 min
Palm Jumeirah
21 km19 min
Dubai Mall
4.3 km9 min
20 km20 min

Business Bay is located between two other well-known areas of Dubai - Downtown Dubai and Jumeirah. It is bounded to the north by the Dubai Reservoir Canal and runs south along the Sheikh Zayed Road. The district also borders the Al Quoz and Al Safa districts. located in the center of Dubai - Business Bay, was conceived as a response to the growing needs of business and commerce in the city, and today is one of the key business centers in UAE. There is a business bay metro along the Red Line in the community. The station is located near Sheikh Zayed Rd.

Business Bay area in Dubai on the map:

Business Bay district on the Dubai map

Above is a UAE map with the Business Bay district in Dubai highlighted. This map serves as an excellent guide for tourists and locals who want to move efficiently around the emirate. On the map you can see areas near Business Bay: Downtown, Jumeirah, Al Quoz, Al Safa, Dubai Design District.

Hotels in Business Bay Dubai

What is the best hotel to stay in Business Bay? Guesthouses in this area have different rates. One of the most famous hotels is JW Marriott Marquis with apartments for AED 470 or USD 129. You can also visit The Taj Hotel for AED 415 or USD 113, The Oberoi for AED 180 or USD 49. Next, we will look at the TOP 10 most popular hotels:

$ 105★ ★ ★ ★ ★
4,43 (695)
Radisson Blu
$ 125★ ★ ★ ★ ★
4,45 (3,523)
$ 130★ ★ ★ ★ ★
4,82 (8,888)
$ 120★ ★ ★ ★ ★
4,75 (2,305)
First Collection
$ 100★ ★ ★ ★
4,21 (604)
Gulf Court
$ 75★ ★ ★ ★
4,26 (1,463)
DoubleTree by Hilton
$ 125★ ★ ★ ★
4,45 (3,131)
Millennium Central
$ 60★ ★ ★ ★
4,18 (4,671)
Holiday Inn Express
$ 40★ ★ ★
4,37 (3,276)
DAMAC Towers Paramount
$ 45★ ★ ★
3,93 (251)

Note: Approximate prices for accommodation in Dubai hotels are valid for July 2023. The price includes 1 night for 2 persons with All other information (Reviews, ratings and stars) was taken from public sources.

Бизнес Бей квартиры

🎁 Квартиры и виллы Дубай Марины в рассрочку под 0%!

Things to do in Business Bay Dubai:

  • Bay Avenue Park - is a great place to relax and enjoy nature. This is a green area with paths for walking and picnics, as well as playgrounds for younger guests.
  • Dubai Water Canal - The Dubai Water Canal offers wonderful yacht trips and river cruises. Amazing views of the city and magnificent waterfronts make this area an ideal place for relaxation and photo shoots.
  • Nightclubs - BLU Dubai, Vault Bar, The Office and 1 OAK. There are many nightclubs here offering a variety of music, unique shows and high quality service.
  • Arabian Adventures - city tours in Desert Safari, as well as to the historical ancient monuments of the UAE.
  • Cozmo Yachts - Guided yacht trips along Business Bay & Dubai Marina.

All these unique locations make Business Bay Dubai an attractive and desirable place to live, work and play. Not far from this area, you can walk the nearest neighborhood of Downtown and visit the Dubai Opera for $45, the observation deck at Burj Khalifa from $50, or watch the fountain show for free.

Real estate in Business Bay Dubai area

This district is developing rapidly, providing its residents and businesses with first-class conditions for living and working. Here are some of the important developers and residential developments that represent Business Bay Dubai:

  1. 1. Emaar Properties - Palace Residence, Marina Vista, Emaar Beachfront.
  2. 2. Damac - Vera Residences, Reva complex, Chic Tower.
  3. 3. Select Group - Peninsula.
  4. 4. Khamas Group - The Ritz-Carlton Residences.
  5. 5. Danube - Marriott Residences.

Apartments for sale in Peninsula Business Bay in Dubai

The Peninsula Residence in Business Bay.

With a variety of properties, convenient locations and attractive opportunities, Business Bay continues to attract both investors and residents from all over the world. Whether you are looking for a city view apartment or a commercial space for your business, this area offers a variety of options to meet your most demanding needs.

Property prices in Business Bay, Dubai

Many well-known developers are involved in the construction of outstanding buildings in the Business Bay area. Below are some of them, as well as the names and approximate average prices for the sale of apartments in their buildings. This is just a small list of developers and their projects in the Business Bay area:

PropertyAverage price in AED
Damac Maison Cour Jardin900 000 - 2 500 000
The Executive Towers1 200 000 - 5 500 000
Dubai Properties Group
Bay Square1  000 000 - 4 000 000
The Opus by Zaha Hadid2 000 000 - 9 000 000
The Atria1 000 000 - 3 500 000

Note: The cost of housing varies depending on the type of housing, as well as the number of rooms and other amenities.

You can view more up-to-date prices for each building in this community on the page - Apartments for sale in Business Bay by clicking the button below:


🎁 Interest-free installment for 5 years

The real estate market in the area is diverse and every investor or buyer will be able to find a home that suits their needs and budget - villa, office, apartment or penthouses. Since Business Bay is more of a business district than a family district, the main types of real estate are apartments, penthouses and duplexes.

Type of property
Average rentall per moth
6 500 - 9000
1 bedroom
8 000 - 12 000
2 bedroom
12 000 - 18 000
3 bedroom
18 000 - 28 000
20 000 - 50 000

As for the average rental price, the cost per studio is 6,200 AED, 1 bedroom - 12,500 AED, 2 bedroom - 22,300 AED. Due to the fact that real estate in this area has a premium status, owning real estate in this area provides for a return on investment of 4.1% per annum.

Real estate investment Business Bay in Dubai

Investment Bay Dubai is one of the most attractive real estate investment locations in the UAE. With its rapid development, diversity of residential complexes and high returns, Business Bay attracts both local and foreign investors. When choosing to invest in real estate in this area, you should pay attention to the variety of opportunities provided by various residential complexes, as well as the current value and expected return in order to make an informed decision. Below we take a look at some of the top residential developments in Business Bay, their 2022 value and 2023 ROI:

Name of the complex
Price in 2022Price in 2023ROI
Damac Maison Cour Jardin
AED 1 121 000 /
$ 305 000
AED 1 200 000 /
$ 326 000
7 %
Mayfair Residency
AED 1 203 000 /
$ 328 000
AED 1 300 000 /
$ 353 000
8 %
Merano Tower
AED 1 376 000 /
$ 375 000
AED 1 500 000 /
$ 408 000
9 %
Executive Towers
AED 2 655 000 /
$ 723 000
AED 3 000 000 /
$ 816 000
13 %
The Opus
AED 3 305 000 /
$ 900 000
AED 3 800 000 /
$ 1 035 000
15 %

Note: Prices are for flats with 1 bedroom only.

These are just some of the most lucrative residential and commercial developments in the area. Investors are also invited to consider such projects as Towers by Paramount from Damac development, Bayz by Danube properties (9-11%) and The Pad (9-12%).

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