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JLT is an area of Dubai that offers a large selection of properties in new buildings and on the secondary market. Below you can watch a short video overview of the JLT community.

Video about Jumeirah Lake Towers area:

The video briefly talks about the property of the neighborhood - there are more than 80 towers. Based on this, you can buy flats here in a new building or on the secondary market. In addition, the video shows a map of the surrounding area, which will help you get to certain places and not get lost.

Residential real estate here is divided into classes from A to Z, each of which has all the amenities: cafes, hotels, kindergartens and other types of services. All these clusters are connected by an underground parking lot, which forms a huge tunnel, which is used for transportation in hot weather. 

JLT area in Dubai

Jumeirah Lake Towers is one of the most popular residential areas in Dubai. Despite the fact that it is a little stuffy here in the summer, the local population is used to it and does not consider it a hindrance. This district is perfect for couples or large families. There are a lot of green areas here, and there are more walking paths than in Creek Harbor. Every evening you can walk along different routes, as well as visit the neighboring districts - Marina. Along all clusters of each complex there are various services - beauty salons, cafes, workshops and other types of commercial real estate.

Jumeirah lake Towers is called because there are several lakes around which skyscrapers and parks were built. All houses are located in clusters from A to Z. Each cluster has 3 houses, all of them are equally distant from the lakes. Humidity is high in the neighborhood. In this article, we will talk about the apartments that are for sale here, as well as about life in Jumeirah Lake Towers - sale / buy properties, hotels prices and much more in this community.

Jumeirah Lake Towers location

JLT is located along Sheikh Zayed Rd on the west bank of Dubai Marina, just a short drive from the main shopping and business districts of the city. Thanks to excellent transport accessibility and proximity to the metro, residents and visitors of the area can easily move around the city. Next, you can consider the remoteness of this community from the sights of the city:

Distance from JLTTravel Time
Dubai Airport
31 km35 min
Burj Khalifa
19 km23 min
Dubai Mall
24 km24 min
4 km7 min
Burj Al Arab
11 km13 min
Palm Jumeirah
7 km8 min
JBR Beach
5 km10 min

Note: The distance and time of the trip are based on the data of movement in your car or taxi.

Based on your location in the JLT, you can use the DMMC metro station, which is within walking distance - up to 10 minutes. Also in the area there is an underground passage through the highway to the Dubai Marina district through the metro station. The Jumeirah Lake Towersa district in Dubai is marked with a black marker on the map and is located between Emirates Hills, Dubai Marina and the Jabel Ali community. Next, you can view the geo-location of the community on the map of the emirate.

 JLT clusters map:

The neighborhood of Jumeirah Lake Towers is marked in detail on the map and circled with a red dotted line. Use the "+" buttons to zoom in and "-" to zoom out. Explore the entire area to learn more about the JLT location and its immediate neighborhoods - Jumeirah Heights & Islands, Jebel Ali, Dubai Marina and Emirates Hills 2.

Things to do in JLT area

Jumeirah Lakes Towers offers a variety of options for active recreation, relaxation and enjoyment of life in a beautiful and modern atmosphere. This community has a large JLT Cluster Malls where you can find different types of brand stores as well as service providers.

JLT offers a promenade along the lakes where you can enjoy beautiful views and a variety of restaurants and cafes - Paros, TAJ, Nara in movenpick Jumeirah Lakes Towers and Pickl. Here you can spend time with family or friends, enjoying the atmosphere and the choice of culinary dishes.TAJ JLT Restaraunts in Dubai

TAJ Dubai Restaraunt in front of the JLT area.

Many complexes in the JLT have their own small parks, which are great places for residents to relax. Cluster Park is one such example, providing residents with green areas for recreation and sports facilities for active pastime. DMCC Park is another park in the JLT area that is famous for its stylish design and abundance of greenery. Here you can see various sculptures and artificial fountains, which gives the park a special charm.

If you still decide to go beyond the JLT neighborhood, be sure to visit the Emirates Hills and its famous Golf Club. This is one of the very first professional golf courses, offering two 18-hole courses and excellent golf conditions. The proximity to Jumeirah's beaches makes staying at JLT even more enjoyable. Many beach clubs and hotels provide access to clean beaches and marine activities.

Hotels in Jumeirah Lake Towers

Movenpick JLT
AED 540★ ★ ★ ★
4.4 (4,312)
Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers
AED 580★ ★ ★ ★
4.6 (1,747)
Vide Emirates Hills
AED 375★ ★ ★ ★
4.8 (3,186)
The Radisson Blu Residence
AED 390★ ★ ★ ★
4.4 (1,399)
Armada Avenue
AED 314★ ★ ★ ★
3.9 (2,049)

Note: Costs and rating are taken from Booking and Google official websites.

Jumeirah Lakes Towers offers a variety of accommodation options, including luxury hotels. Here are a few highly rated hotels with an estimated cost per night:

  • Five Jumeirah Lakes Towers: 5 star hotel with stunning city and lake views. Price per night starts at $200 or AED 730.
  • Pullman Jumeirah Lakes Towers: A 5-star hotel with modern amenities and luxurious interiors. The cost of living is from $180 / AED 660 per night.
  • Bonnington JLT: 5 star hotel with great restaurants and spa. Accommodation prices start at $150 / AED 550 per night.

Cheaper hotel options have fewer amenities and lower ratings. If you want to save money, we suggest you visit the 4 star hotels shown in the table.

Real estate in JLT

Properties at Jumeirah Lake Towers are yet to be developed. Since this is quite a large area, divided into clusters. It presents a variety of housing options, including apartments, penthouses and villas. However, most real estate options are flats. Thanks to modern design and quality building materials, real estate in this area is in high demand among both residents and investors.Real estate for sale in JLT Dubai

Cluster K has all the same, a lake of houses, as well as construction projects by Danube Properties in collaboration with Aston MArtin. The MBL Royal house is one of the coolest geo-locations, large apartment sizes. Nearby there is a metro station DMSS, now called "Sobha" in honor of the development. are used by almost all classes of the population, not because it is a cheap form of transportation, but due to the convenience of this branch.

A Dubai real estate catalog with prices in dollars and dirhams UAE, as well as a search on the website with the opportunity to buy an apartment in Jumeirah Lake Towers is available by clicking the button below 👇:

Buy JLT property

🎁 Interest-free installment for 5 years

The most popular residential complexes here are X1, Lakeside, V3, Movenpick, Cluster A, Lakeshore. The main type of housing is large apartments in fresh houses that have recently been commissioned. Next, we will look at community real estate prices and answer the question: "Is it worth investing in JLT properties?".

Property prices in JLT Dubai

The cost of real estate in Jumeirah Lakes Towers is cheaper than in the neighborhoods of Dubai Marina and varies depending on the type of housing, number of storeys, view characteristics and other parameters. On average, apartment prices start at $ 300 000 for a studio and can reach several million dollars for luxury penthouses. Villas in the area are also available and typically start at $1.5 million. However, flats are often sold and bought here, unlike houses. In the following table, we will visually look at the current prices for apartments in various residences for 2023:

Residence name
Number of bedroomsPrice
Platinum Tower
Studio$ 210 00 /
AED 770 000
Cluster I-Golden Tower
$ 126 000 /
AED 460 000
Almas Tower
1$ 285 000 /
AED 1 050 000
Indigo Tower
$ 433 00 /
AED 1 590 000
Sobha Verde
2$ 480 000 /
AED 1 760 000
Al Seef Tower
$ 575 000 /
AED 2 110 000
Global Lake Tower
3$ 1 000 000 /
AED 3 670 000
MBL Residence
$ 980 000 /
AED 3 590 000

Note: Prices are average and may be lower or higher than those indicated in the table.

If you want to buy a home in this area, but don’t know how to choose a property in the UAE, use the button below and leave your details for a call back from a property manager 👇:

A Dubai real estate agent will contact you and tell you how much you can buy an apartment in JLT for today. In addition, you will be advised on the process of purchasing real estate and will calculate the growth in value, as well as the return on investment in Jumeirah Lake Towers housing for the coming years. Thanks to this, you can buy an inexpensive apartment in Dubai for rent.

Rent here is not very expensive when compared with the nearest neighborhoods - Business Bay and Dubai Marina. However, just like in other areas, it depends on various factors, such as the type of housing, its size, level of furnishing, view characteristics, level of finishing, etc. Here is a general picture of rental prices in JLT:

  • Studios: JLT studio rentals typically start at around $18 000 / AED 66 000 per year and can go up to $24 000 / AED 88 000 per year or even higher depending on conditions.
  • 1-Bedroom apartments: Renting for a 1-bedroom apartment typically starts at around $25 000 / AED 92 000 per year and can go up to $35,000 / AED 128 000 or more per year depending on location and comfort.
  • 2-Bedroom apartments: A 2-bedroom apartment in JLT starts at around $35 000 / AED 128 000 per year and can go up to $45 000 / AED 165 000 or more depending on the quality of the property and its location.
  • 3-Bedroom apartments: Rent for a 3-room apartment typically starts at around $50 000 / AED 185 000 per year and can go up to $70 000 / AED 257 000 or more per year depending on the conditions of the apartment and its size.

Real estate investment in the JLT area

Investing in Jumeirah Lakes Towers real estate can be an attractive option for investors. The return on investment in properties starts from 5.8% per annum and can reach up to 15% ROI. Here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in the area:

  1. 1. Constant value growth: Over the past few years, property values in JLT have continued to rise, making the area an attractive long-term investment.
  2. 2. High Rental Demand: JLT attracts many tourists and workers due to its convenient location. As a result, the rental market is active and generates good passive income.
  3. 3. Infrastructure: The area has a well-developed infrastructure, including shopping centers, restaurants, sports and entertainment facilities, which makes it attractive for living and recreation.

Below you can visually see the average cost of apartments in this community in this and last years, the percentage of profit from the sale, as well as rental income:

Type of property
Price in 2022Price in 2023ROI
$ 160 000 /
AED 587 000
$ 170 000 /
AED 625 000
1 bedroom
$ 400 000 /
AED 1 469 000
$ 425 000 /
AED 1 561 000
2 bedroom
$ 500 000 /
AED 1 835 000
$ 535 000 /
AED 1 965 000
3 bedroom
$ 1 000 000 /
AED 3 675 000
$ 1 090 000 /
AED 4 000 000

A table with the dynamics of real estate price growth in JLT for 2 years, shows real data on rental and investment returns in different types of housing. The median market value of penthouses is over $2M or AED 7 346 000, with annual rental income of over $80,000 / AED 295 000 and above. The average rental price in Jumeirah Lake Towers is from 20,000 USD for studios and over 60,000 USD for apartments with more than 3 bedrooms. As for villas, there are none in the area. The real rental rate may vary depending on the demand in the real estate market and other factors.

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Jumeirah Lake Towers is a district of Dubai that I can call the most calm and quiet community. If you buy an apartment in the JLT towers, you will never regret it. The advantage of buying flat in this area is a stable rental income and an average ROI of 8%.
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Real estate in JLT is no different in quality from properties in Dubai Marina, but the prices to buy an apartment in Jumeirah Lake Towers are much lower. JLT clusters are a good place to invest in the UAE!
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